Piano and differences in learning music

I’m teaching my new Ukrainian friend the piano.

I haven’t played in many years but thanks to my niece who found a beginners book that she used, I was able to spend a few minutes before first lesson looking at basics.

One of our lecturers who researches music psychology told me that Eastern European / Asian citizens hear / play blues with minor E – this explanation which is beyomd me at the moment


We didn’t get onto minor keys but mentioned it and we will see if it produces anything memorable further along.

We started with how to hold fingers but like taekwondo not too much emphasis as this comes with practice. The book had a good signpost which was finding C next to the 2 black minor keys. So we did that and briefly went through letters which my friend said that they didn’t learn as letters at school – instead doh rei me.

As she is a lingust she picked up the patterns really quickly doing a C scale up with one hand and a C scale down with other hand. Before doing this I asked her to make chords i.e. with 3 fingers and just have a general play around the whole of the piano, major and minor. I didn’t go into much explanation of chords, this was just a chance to hear the sounds.

I wrote out for right hand CDEFGABC and put numbers above each letter I.e 1 for C, 2 for D etc

For left hand also using numbers above CBAGFEDC

We played a very small tune from the book mostly one note to get the idea of counting 4, 2 and 1 and a similiar tune for other hand and she managed to do both hands together.

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