LearnTech Journals 1.0

FInally got there but formatting still needs tidying up and it does not include journal rankings. Hyperlinks to the journal home page in first tab, table of contents (journal name, article title, author) in second and for some reason I can’t remember some AI articles in third tab. So if for example you are an academic with less experience of learning technologies you can sort or search the second tab. Of course this has limitations – if an author has done a small study on podcasting but chooses a title which doesn’t mention podcasting then it will not show up. If I had chosen to paste abstracts or full citations, this would not have been done for another year or so. In some cases TOC does not include anyway. The journals are ones I could find for learning technology, education and other areas which are relevant to Roehampton. I have tried not to include editorials, commentaries, introductions but a few may have slipped in.
I will be meeting again with research facilitators  for Life Sciences and Psychology to look at journal rankings and I will be adding a flow / process chart of which this spreadsheet will be a part e.g.

  1. I want to do a podcasting project.
  2. Who has already done one? (spreadsheet can help and with literature review preparation).
  3. Design research & methodology / ies
  4. Carry out learning and teaching activity as part of research project
  5. Write up research project and post to relevant journals (spreadsheet can help).

There are small learning technology projects which are not written up in journals and as originally blogged, this is not a be all and end all. For example in some biomedical areas there are over 21,000 journals but this is an attempt to help bring this into the world of academics in that world and see if there are opportunities to run projects against a more rigorous ‘database’.
Really behind on a chatbot project so that will be other priority in spring, in addition to completing the AFHEA course.

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