The ‘Russia image’ problem

My experience which is not based on a Westminster and media avalanche of recent days…

Politicians and the media continue to represent Russia as the Soviet Union run by presidents in the Soviet Union.

Politicians and media expecting more reaction than they have so far received are not paying attention to how BRICs are changing global politics, global trade etc

One of the main reasons that people in the UK do not understand very much about Russia and Russians is that policies of government especially austerity have left people with less money and so travelling, spending time in Russia, going on courses etc is not as feasible as it could be.

The small island mentality which has brought out the very worst in my country is looking for an escape from the problems caused by greed in Westminster.

Russia (and Turkey) are our allies, they may not always choose to fight on the same side with us on everything. Not this government particularly but we did cooperate on many international agreements in spite of different opinions.

It will take some time to repair the damage caused by political vanity, lies and refusal to provide evidence – not just the damage caused to Russian relations but how Britain is perceived internationally as an international partner and the ongoing damage to citizens of my country from domestic policies.

Countries remain allies if they are treated with respect.

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