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Follow up to session
I will be getting feedback from the students this Friday.
We are going to incorporate polling into some future lectures to assist with revision exercises. The students decided not to use the workshop.
They liked the activity in principle but didn’t want to peer review as they were concerned that some students were working harder than others and would plagiarise their reports.
On a separate but slightly related note, I am probably going to set up an open-access area for staff to upload, peer review and download rubrics as we think this may be helpful especially for new staff and also gain an
insight into other departments learning and assessment practices. This isn’t meant to try and standardise a set of templates but help stimulate discussion about what is appropriate for Roehampton students.
I would also invite student reps to contribute alongside our Learning & Teaching Enhancement unit if I get the go ahead.
Currently informally contacting staff with committee L&T responsibilities for their thoughts.
The area probably wouldn’t be on Moodle but we could investigate funding to additionally code something (if it doesn’t already exist) that could signpost staff at a particular point of need. It is unlikely due to time constraints that we could code an open access area so we may use or tweak something that already exists but we’re discussing within our team.

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