Attribution 3 – security clearance

With multiple forms of security clearance theoretically unique to a state or the so-called national interest, I seriously wonder how much other people care with the world wide Web. A small group which has a hierarchy knows what form of security clearance/s a person holds but communications are increasingly online so there is no way to ensure that this group is the only group with access to information.

Politicians are the same but events of the recent week in the UK makes a reasonable person question what has been shared inappropriately with MPs and their – friends, neighbours, business partners, whomever.

Or the so-called special relationship with the US and the comments from the White House on different incidents in the last year relating especially to policing.

Or US companies using personal data that was obtained without consent e.g. from emails which could give US companies confidential information that can be used for their advantage and damage others. Or collectors of analytics who do not have security clearance or don’t care about it and have access to personal information about private lives that could damage humans of any number in any country.

Or bots and algorithms which process the data and distribute it, they don’t have security clearance. A media frenzy can lead to war but attribution
remains unproven and security is for whom, who is being protected and why?

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