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I’ve just renewed my membership, simply because it is a British-Russian cultural centre in London and even though I find many events infuriatingly biased, it is an attempt to provide a display some views of Russia. Tonight was Victoria Lomasko who created murals following interviews and political activism in recent years.
Some Russian protest ‘leaders’ are no different to British protest ‘leaders’. It is all about them and their political ambitions.
The people I am proud to march alongside – however weary we all are of marching, are not the same, they are making their views and representing those who physically or mentally can’t. And they really, really care about other people.
There is so much spite, most of it emanating from the Conservative party and heaped on the most vulnerable on a daily basis. They laugh at suffering openly on national television on a weekly basis. It is no surprise that they are still lining up hourly to scream hatred at Russia and inflate their hate through the media.
There are no shortcuts away from hate, however tired we all are, but we have to try.
It is possible to be frequently delighted and excited by learning about Russia and Russians, there’s no need to let other’s hatred and fears get in the way.

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