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I used this morning’s session to work up to higher kicks – taking account of existing abilities, recovery from illness, injury or both. Warm up included repetition of a basic jump in the air whilst jogging around, then:

1. Leg raises – front, outer and inner crescent

2. Mid section front snap up & down field then repeat but with 1/2 turn kick.

3. Higher front snap kick (above waist height) as  above

4. Double front snap kick with first one with emphasis on a knee raise and second kicks the pad – above waist height.

5. Double 1/2 turn kick –  above waist height

6. 2 min hip and waist stretch

7. Combination 1/2 turn kick mid section then axe kick – up and down field

8. Axe kicks up and down field – swapping legs each time.

The reason for doing 7 before 8 is that it’s very easy to hyper-extend
everything with axe kick and whilst there is more to think about because of 2 kicks – 1/2 turn is now familiar and it introduces the leg raise with less pressure.
Quick series of block drills up and down field then adding in combination of block, single punch then block, double punch
Warm down, finish with leg, hip, back stretches and some breathing exercises. We managed to get out in the snow last week, no snow this week but still cold.
Great way to begin the working day – we breathe next to the earth’s lungs.
I’ve managed to get a discount to buy some taekwondo equipment  – even though I don’t have a club.
Based on my British Taekwondo coaching status and because I’m offering it for free, they were happy to provide an instructor / trade account. So hope to step up coaching and training several gears over the next few months. We may move towards doing fights in late spring / early summer. Really don’t know about nationals at this point due to practicalities of training but don’t need to decide yet.

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