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I’m running a session a couple of weeks earlier than expected due to timetable changes. It unintentionally relates to a live / synchronous peer writing workshop I ran with a psychology lecturer in January where we used online writing pads and students used their phones to respond but all contributions were anonymous.
Friday’s session is with molecular biology students and they will be using clickers / keypads to answer two questions – one of which will be written well and one deliberately confusing. Following some discussion about what is a good assessment question I will be splitting the students randomly into groups and each group has to write a revision question (in preparation for an upcoming test).
If time, I will put these into a presentation or online poll and they will vote using the clickers. If time runs out each group will read out and everyone writes their answer. Ask the students if a few are happy to share their answers then confirm correct one.
The second peer assessment activity will be completed in about a week’s time using Moodle workshop activity where each student will upload a first draft of a lab report anonymously. They will be randomly allocated a student reviewer who will also be anonymous. This is done by removing student role from View permission in the workshop permission settings.
We may look at a deanonymised activity such as an online collaborative document folder if repeated in the future, this will depend partly on student feedback about the activity.

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