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Due to all existing commitments and workload, any blog posts will be limited and may be read by others doing this short course. I won’t be going into every discussion about teaching and learning over the last 20+ years. The sessions are all useful reminders of what it is we’re doing / supposed to be doing and how we can improve.
We’ve been asked to use a twitter account for this short course so using https://twitter.com/averynicola1
This is Roehampton University’s account for sharing resources https://twitter.com/teachingatuni
Today’s session included:

  • differences in students learning e.g. listening to audio then viewing a screen whether an online, desktop application, paper being projected – one affects the quality of the other depending on how we process using our senses.
  • differences in what is being taught e.g. theory, concept, software, movement
  • what students can bring to or do in the sessions and their context including language, culture (e.g. do they feel comfortable or familiar with asking for help in a group setting of whatever size)
  • how do you know if they’ve learnt anything

This is a promotional video for Roehampton but gives an idea about student expectations

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