Understanding attribution 2 – assumptions

in addition to previous post and specifically about Russia because of the current noise – how easy to associate and make assumptions:


  1. A post or reply to a social media post, blog, online discussion in whatever context has a Russian name, name with Cyrillic characters, that the post or reply was typed by a Russian human or a Russian bot.
  2. As for 1 but the post or reply is from an alias or anonymous, that it is from a Russian human or Russian bot. If you see an alias or anonymous post this creates instant uncertainty or in some cases fear – and whatever or whomever you associate with being uncertain or scared will form your judgment. Especially if there has been a lot of recent multi sensory repeated associations
  3. “An ally of Vladimir Putin” means a current close associate whom Vladimir Putin confides in and trusts to act in his & his country’s interests. How do you know that X is a close ally unless you yourself are such an ally or have heard everything he says / does within the walls of a kremlin or elsewhere?
  4. “Vladimir Putin said… reading between the lines” during whatever speech in whatever year – as above re associations. Lines are personal to the ones who see and read between them.
  5. A journalist or politician says that talking or meeting with a Russian is a crime, conspiracy to commit a crime or betrayal of a country, so it must be true. For anyone who has never spoken to a Russian then this could be believed but it could be any human posing as a journalist or politician that doesn’t want people talking to Russians or bot programmed to inhibit people talking to Russians. Or any human or bot in another job or social role.

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