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Sort of keeping informal diary of what was done but generally noting – all sessions have been outside
First session:
Slightly longer warm up and stretch with explanation
Reassurance re not following, slow, stiff, no need to learn everything at once…
If attendees in tight trousers:
– no running, skip, knees up/behind warmup – walking & foot cross over side to side only
– no pattern and front snap, half turn only
Blocks, strikes, stances and explanations
How to hold pad
Can use tree if no wall for stretches
2nd – 5th session
As above where applicable
Emphasise foot angles, positioning including turns
By 5th session
– ask them to shout if not already doing
– holding kick paddle facing partner if not already doing
If not many attendees can try double side kicks
Moving around in drills not just practice forward/back in lines, do the unexpected
Intro to one step sparring and 1st poomsae movements.
6th session onwards
Sparring – introduce body armour and sparring, start to adjust force accordingly but give extra space/time.
Drills – introduce reverse kicks if confident with front kicks.
Dojo – green bit by left tree and bench:

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