LMS / VLE student experience chatbot

Whilst doing other chatbot stuff,  am in the process of analysing some of the queries that come into our team – we operate a learning management system / virtual learning environment helpdesk for students. They can already submit tickets so we are using an export of those initially for reference. There is a huge amount of duplication across teams in resolving queries so this will provide students with another option available when they need it. Don’t know if we will have it available for next academic year yet due to existing projects. Some interesting ideas in https://chatbotsmagazine.com/chatbot-for-college-students-4-chatbots-tips-perfect-for-college-students-98bf96839913

There is a case study by Farhan Karmali building with Dialogflow https://assets.moodlemoot.org/sites/44/20180103073353/Creating-a-chatbot-in-Moodle-presented-by-Mr.-Farhan-Kamali.pdf

Also Matt Porritt using Amazon https://ilite.wordpress.com/2017/10/18/the-first-moodle-chatbot-at-last-moodlemoot-australia-2017/

What would be better are open source options with either using BotLibre and creating a bot or writing your own chatscript.

Very early thoughts on how a student might use, based on reading about conversation frameworks and previously elementsstudentexperience-chatbot0.1

mindmap of early conversation


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