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Now starting to compile a list of possible universities to contact from spreadsheet thanks to a combination of a bit of wikipedia and a lot of yandex translate. Quite a few of the Russian universities sites have English language pages / mini sites but to get to more detailed information you need a more advanced knowledge of Russian than I currently have which is why yandex translate is my new best friend.
Water sanitation and ecology sit across a number of disciplines, institutes, research centres, laboratories. The breadth of scientific, engineering and health study across Russian universities is huge. A lot of Russian superbrains out there and also young, upcoming superbrains.
There was a potential related project but due to the timescales it won’t be possible to get there by the Monday deadline with a Russian partner. However, onwards – once I have finalised a list of potential contacts, am drafting some introductory emails (with help of Russian friend in UK) and see if there is any interest in possibilities of future collaboration. A lot of universities already have partnerships with EU, Asia, US and some UK but this would be much smaller due to the topic i.e. at project level.

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