Opencast installation experiment 1

As with previous installations, will write up final steps as one guide if we get it working.

We already have a lecture capture solution but this one is open source. It used to be called Matterhorn now Opencast

We as in my colleague and myself are not installing it locally but on web hosting package (Linux) and using PostGres. You can use MariaDB and MySQL if you are on a high enough version of PHP. But we are not.

Steps so far

  • Downloaded package as zip via clone on Github – via
  • Uploaded zip to root folder, created an OpenCast subfolder and extracted the packaged files into that. The upload is 39MB.
  • Starting to set up properties and access via from the files which is like a configuration file.
  • Created a PostGres database and going to use MyPGPHPAdmin instead of just MyPHPAdmin (PG for PostGres)

This is completely new territory so there is a lot of additional reading as there is a lot more to be configured and understood. But if we can get a test version live having gone through many steps…

Existing case study:

Manchester University are already using OpenCast –


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