Month: Feb 2018

Richmond Park in the snow this morning

en route to work


Am moving today so may not be online for couple of weeks

Understanding attribution 2 – assumptions

in addition to previous post and specifically about Russia because of the current noise – how easy to associate and make assumptions: A post or reply to a social media post, blog, online discussion in whatever context has a Russian name, name with…


New garden is concrete, this is current garden

What a Russian President does vs what a Russian Prime Minister does

To mostly ignorant outsiders like myself, this was a little confusing but have found some clarity in the Russian Constitution: Russian President – articles 83-90 Article 83 The President of the Russian Federation shall: appoint by agreement with the State Duma the Chairman…

Taekwondo coaching notes

Sort of keeping informal diary of what was done but generally noting – all sessions have been outside First session: Slightly longer warm up and stretch with explanation Reassurance re not following, slow, stiff, no need to learn everything at once… If attendees in…

If you’re like me and running low or out of steam

Here’s a bit. You’re welcome !