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I have recently been involved with a couple of activities with psychology students – one group (postgraduate students) had no problems with going away and creating a narrated presentation in a video format (either creating in a slideshow type presentation and converting to video or directly using a video tool from AnimationTools or similar). The other group (second year undergraduates) was the complete opposite and needed considerable additional support with a variety of tasks involved.
The psychology head of our department learning and teaching quality group want to roll this out as an activity for all first year undergraduate students in the next academic year based on staff and student feedback about the activity and how it helped / hindered them in their learning process about psychology and/or therapeutic concepts as opposed to a live (non video) presentation which they had all done on a set day previously.
We will be meeting to plan out possible ways forward including:

  • Setup of rooms as technology labs where students will come in on specific days to create, convert and publish their presentations with support provided from different teams including our team.
  • Establishing technology mentors/buddies from either postgraduate or 2/3yr undergraduate student populations who will work with students (particularly the ones who won’t show up for the lab sessions) over a 4-6 week period. The technology mentors / buddies will receive training from our team about roles, expectations and commitments.
  • Possibly a draft showcase day where instead of poster sessions, stalls are created where students can present to each other and if necessary – revise / edit their presentations or publish their final submission.
  • A student and staff developed technology rubric with criteria for what an excellent, good, ok, not good presentation could look like. I don’t know if we would go down the prizegiving route with a technology / device as a prize but it might be an option and we might approach technology companies to see if they are interested in sponsoring a prize in return for use of their technologies.

This exercise will also be developed as a research in technology enhanced education project and designed/evaluated and published by a staff and student research group.

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