Yorkshire update

A typical Yorkshire weekend in the last few years. Hours of pre-event twitter and some FB/blog activity. Cheap train tickets (you walk the first mile to Leeds along the platform at Kings Cross just to reach your carriage). Smiles of friends & catching up at the other end whilst instantly jumping into pre event campaign arrangements from different areas of region or further afield. ‘Exciting’ phone discussions from supermarkets about vegan friendly foods or the council / police re final checks and locations or attendees ringing constantly – I’m coming, not coming, have you got space for…., where are we meeting (occasionally from within our own organising group too). More tweeting. Fri evening planning about timings and what else can go wrong. More tweeting. Saturday morning arrives and we all swing into action. This weekend was a conference. Helped with some tech & general handyperson – I forgot to take up some equipment due to pre-house move organising & some minor gremlins but overall everything ok and good support on site. We got about 70 extra attendees which was nearly half again but enough to go around and any remainder goes to the Crypt. Amazing campaigners doing amazing work in freezing temperatures sometimes, week in, week out because they really, really care about health and wellbeing of their family, friends, local community – unlike the soulless outputs of the career climbing in search of endless power and wealth. Leeds air was crisp and clear as we finished Saturday post-event collapse at pub or restaurant and plans to change the world. More tweeting & fb. Sunday if time & weather are aligned – head off into the Dales. Today we were all more exhausted than usual so went to Kirkstall abbey museum instead. And back to the next cycle of train journeys… Will no longer be contributing to one twitter account for several months at least from end of this weekend onwards in agreement with others affected (unless there is emergency). Will close personal one soon and keep cancerpainres to once a week updates which is more than enough based on amount of research published by people in pain, cancer or other fields.

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