Russia books update 

Finished ‘Lost and Found in Russia – encounters in a deep heartland’ and it was as expected – some really interesting stories e.g. Vissarion, Anastasia, mind control technologies and interesting that the noosphere got a look in. But a bit like Dimbleby’s Russia – seems to wallow in describimg problems based on a very Western perspective. 

Re-reading Ustinov’s Russia as therapy – so full of life, spirit & adventure in a blend of non-fiction and fiction including drawings of Orthodox priests, imaginary encounters with Ivan the Terrible and Catherine the Great amongst others, mixed in with dashes of geopolitical thought:

“Mrs Thatcher once told me, with all the weight of her authority, that there was no public opinion in Russia. I remember my reply.: ‘I suppose, Prime Minister, that is why Russians have had two major revolutions this century, while the British have only had football riots and a few bitter strikes” 1

1. Ustinov P (1987), Ustinov in Russia, Summit Books, available at:

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