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As part of plan to move away from London and back into the countryside, will soon be moving further into London for a few months 🙂 
In a tinier version of my life in Oxford will be moving in with a friendly dog (I think 2 cats too) and some friendly humans but as it’s nearer central London everything smaller and more compact. We will all see how we get along and both sides used to this kind of arrangements.
It’s fine for relief cover for Mole Valley tkd but also opportunity to expand coaching and own training too.
No commute for a bit which is good. When first moved back into Surrey a couple of years ago I had forgotten the etiquette and on first day at Clapham Junction in rush hour – let a couple of people on the train ahead of me. A female voice from behind said “Oh for goodness sake get on”…it doesn’t take long to adapt 😉 

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