Taekwondo update

With Master Worsfold slowly cutting back his martial arts commitments, a group of us met to plan a way forward. I will continue as a relief instructor but others are also going to complete coaching qualifications so there will be a wider pool of relief as well as local instructors. I will start preparing to move house, either nearer work for a while or back to Mole Valley.

Am continuing to explore possibilities for inclusive arts (together with Master Worsfold) and various other bits and pieces. Will be continuing staff sessions at work too. 

Original plan to join a specific club and train for the nationals is not an option (nothing to do with me but not appropriate for this blog). 

Will also continue to explore ITF & WTF combinations (Master Worsfold says not impossible but making a lot of work for myself), as with competition training, will see where I end up living and plan from there – even nearer work, it’s still possible to get to Mole Valley or nearby. 

Breaking – Master Worsfold has told me to get cinder blocks, so will sort that soon too. 

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