Macronutrients and training portions

We will have another podcast out soon which looks at carbohydrates. In the meantime, have been planning out own diet to try and increase the amount of vegetarian days I have (already quite a few) and try to build in more veg. Have done a food diary years ago but not focused in this way – so thinking aloud sonewhat.
Excl additional carbohydrates & milk, this appears to be a daily amount of food (the non dairy cheese / walnuts could be substituted for each other but am not going to obsess too much about, particularly if I achieve more than an hour of training with mixed intensity ( of which 30mins+ continuous medium-high minimum). 
I also walk 2 miles or more a day (London pace) and some yoga or patterns / kick training for 15-20 mins minimum but again this is in routine already so not going to obsess too much if it doesn’t happen.
The spinach, celery and cucumber already in a home made green smoothie (min 3 times a week, quite often manage more).
I used to share a house with a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and he recommended heating vegetables more (e.g. light stir fry, I don’t want to make time right now so will stick to microwave at work but add in small amount of sauce or oil or both) and some spices esp ginger, turmeric.
Also heating some fruit more in winter e.g. baked apple and cinnamon. Starting Monday if not tomorrow and will see how it goes. Have been mostly vegetarian during December except 2 days in a row when I forgot. 

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