Bye for now to possibly my favourite martial artist in the world

He is moving to another part of the UK so will see him but less. I have known him since I was a martial arts baby. He is ex special forces, likes a philosophical discussion but has little time for martial arts wisdom about the world – martial arts know how to do martial arts and that’s where they can talk knowledgeably. 

Don’t entirely agree but seeing much martial arts bollocks… He also gave the most sensible reason I have ever heard for not joining the army – “people shoot at you!”

Has a fantastic operatic singing voice. I used to watch in fascination, awe as he performed martial arts patterns in class. He was probably the physically strongest in the class and always treated everyone with respect, he seemed to have intuition about how much force anyone could take, regardless of belt colour.

He once did what a fellow stydent described as the best demonstration he has ever seen of anything. I think it was a roundhouse kick that I was messing up. He stopped our small group and asked me to hold the kickpad. He kicked and the kickpad flew out of my hand and hit the top corner of the ceiling the furthest away from us. Glad it wasn’t my head.

If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think I would have made it to black belt.

Occasionally he and Master Worsfold used to randomly do Morecambe & Wise impressions using back kicks. 

The beginning of an end of a phase and beginning of another phase. I will miss him. 

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