Interesting Brits in Russia

Attended part of a very well organised Russian Heritage conference yesterday at Rossotrudnichestvo Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Kensington.
Several presentations in Russian where not able to follow yet but they had slides / artefacts. Have taken notes and will publish when I’ve had a chance to research further. Full details of the conference to follow but snapshots from Russian Heritage UK twitter so far.
The presentations in English included
1. Lady Sybil Grey who set up a red cross hospital in St Petersburg, Russia 1916-18 and also a field hospital in front line. She had no prior Russian skills but set off to Russia aged 33 and established the hospital. She recorded impressions in letters sent back home both of the hospital, Russia and the days of revolution. There’s a Rasputin murder connection but you can buy the book to find out more. 
She treated mostly wounded Russian soldiers (not officers). She thought that she would be a revolutionary had she taken part from seeing the food shortages and suffering at first hand.
2. Daniel Wheeler a Quaker who lived in Russia. Tsar Alexander I had heard of quaker farming and asked the Quaker movement for a representative to come to St Petersburg to plan & assist with draining the marshlands. They have found gravestones intact for the Wheeler family just south of St Petersburg which have survived everything. 

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