St Peterburg – so friendly for a big city #Russia trip 4

International tourism awards well deserved. Only had the morning & woke later than planned but walked from hotel in centre to Russian Museum of Political History – an educational visit here should be required for foreign media as part of their visa (their wealthy elite media owners can afford it).

My niece and nephew will need an in depth Russian perspective on it’s history as they go through teenage years and become more familiar with global politics. 

You easily need a day here but I only had a couple of hours barely started. However viewed modern day political campaigning (top floor) and descended through floors of political history.

Some local campaigns and international events, complete with 80s hair in one photo

Very moved by accounts (audio available in different languages incl English) across pre WWI, revolution, Stalinism, WW2.

They have extra exhibitions about the revolution including a Women of the Revolution.

Once again struck by many similarities between Bolsheivik actions establishing a dictatorship, with the current UK conservative government since 2010. There was an account discussing the concept of 2 faces so Boris Johnson should fit in well on his visit shortly, am sure Sergey Lavrov will enjoy talking with whichever one Boris chooses to present at any given moment. 

The museum has hundreds of artefacts, drawings, photos, letters, speeches on vinyl LPs as well as official documentation, there is great attention to detail and descriptions translated into English.  

On the way there this morning, I rounded the final corner of the St Peter & Paul Fortress which had snow on the beach; and there were 2 guys getting changed after a swim in the Neva. No wetsuits and it’s the Neva!  Wouldn’t want to mess with those two! 

Had to get taxi back to hotel from Winter Palace and very friendly taxi driver told me I spoke some Russian quite nicely. Ridiculously pleased – I’ll take that, thank you very much. 

St Petersburg mosque – from a distance looks like a knitted tea cosy – in this weather 

St Petersburg looking as beautiful as ever and getting ready for Christmas – should be wonderful for anyone going in December

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