Water sanitation update

Scribbled outline today and put under door of my colleague for review (due to everyone being so busy, even 5 min meeting is impossible). Have started reading the Handbook of Water and Health. Will continue to research what is already out there.
Had great discussion with colleague who had experience of working in North Asia & Eastern Europe. In summary, no specific bids will go in yet as in next few months because more prep to do. There is possibility of actually working with a researcher at Surrey on an existing environmental PhD project and another engineering team at Surrey – will know more by end of November, so lots to do before then.
So in terms of planning, keep learning Russian, research who is doing what in different countries, possibly have initial conversations (when Russian up to it) and see if anything of mutual benefit / interest.
So – probably do 2 short trips to Russia to improve language & understanding, one end of November.  Discussed water research generally and standing in rivers. Am practising sitting in cold baths occasionally – apparently it’s good for you – not yet convinced!
Possibly becoming research admin/assistant for a psychology project at Roehampton which will also be good practice but existing workload and everything up in the air at the moment – mostly due to unborn & newborn babies (none of them mine). 
Who knows the future – it’s very misty autumn air! 

(Sutton bank, Yorkshire – last year)

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