Microsoft #WannaCry #Wannalie? – Pattern reinforcement 2 Networked Dictatorship 2

“It wasn’t me, Miss, it was North Korea”

And silicon valley superwealthy M worried that some of the superwealth may no longer be coming their way in the future tell anyone and everyone anything about why it happened.

Microsoft are one of the cornerstones of Pax Americana since the 1980s and probably the most invasive company on the planet, turning the American dream into the rest of the world’s nightmare.

One day, probably not in my lifetime but assuming there are historians in the future… since the 1980s the infrastructure of the American dream is finally installed across the world and the relentless profiteering ($s and data) brings us to the present day where there are still no easy to use alternatives (yet but there might be) and they can still say and do whatever they like. But for how long?

Either way, the majority of the world cannot claim they are better off with Microsoft products because there have a) never been offered serious alternatives or the chance to do things differently and b) the connectivist transhuman idealists will continue to exploit the poorest using superwealthy donors who privatise research for the benefit of their stakeholders and interested others.

Microsoft and it’s relationship with the NHS is as profiteering as Google’s with Tony Blair giving them large amounts of NHS cash and still not paying taxes at a decent rate then David Cameron giving Google NHS hospital and patient data (via PA and DeepMind), large amounts of NHS cash and free access to all NHS research. As the NHS is disappearing – silicon valley is poised to make large amounts of cash from its demise. Somehow I don’t think North Korea is in the same picture. And isn’t it rather strange that all the countries where silicon valley has not fully invaded are always enemies of the US.  Maybe the ‘silicon valley’s of China, Japan, Russia and others will try and be more ethical – who knows, but they will be competition possibly. But for many people, they are too busy trying to survive to care.






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