Russia books I’ve read so far

Via mostly offline random purchases, can’t remember library ones other than skimming through – A Russian Diary by Anna Politskaya. Somewhere fairly early on she mentions the Putin family & their labrador family with her opinion about labradors being distraction. It worked, having spent bits of childhood puppywalking some labs for Guide Dogs, I totally started wondering about their dogs.

A history of 20th Century Russia – Robert Service – found this really interesting because he said they had access to many sources previously unavailable. Haven’t read the follow up – too much Putin.

The new politics of Russia – interpreting change – Andrew Monaghan – interesting because he understands international relations even if I don’t share all his views.

Russia – Jonathan Dimbleby – lots of self reflection, when he does interviews – very good and some great descriptions.

Ustinov in Russia – Peter Ustinov (funnily enough) It’s pictures & text – coffee table book – great to see context (1987)

Kicking the Kremlin – Marc Bennetts ex BBC journalist & Putin critic. Very timely to read his interviews with Navalny’s campaign members in 2014 & the Russophobic New York Times admitting it over promotes Navalny.

An art tour of Russia – J Beavington Atkinson (1880s) 

Ice Road – Gillian Slovo – fiction set around early 20th century in St Petersburg

Russian Journal – Andrea Lee 

Recommended but not bought yet

Ekaterinburg: The Last Days of the Romanovs by Helen Rappaport

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