Month: Oct 2017

Burnsall – Grassington circular

Yorkshire’s autumn carpet rolling across the Dales:

Sacred music in Leeds

We attended a themed concert last night covering sacred music before/after Reformation and great Western schism.  Aljosa Josh Skorja brilliantly arranged, conducted and entertained – bringing beauty to a little Methodist Church in Leeds. I kind of reunited with listening to sacred music…

Poppies and remembrance

Red poppies sold by the British legion have been on sale and will shortly be worn. I will be wearing a red poppy as usual. I am not interested in arguments about poppy colours or poppy flowers/wristbands/pins – each to their own.  Both my…

Twitter handover

Will be handing over management of mostly a twitter account & some other Web stuff for a health campaign this weekend. It’s been live for around 5 years. Mixed levels of engagement but going into better hands. Interesting to try and represent different people…

Turner’s view of Richmond (17 mile walk Waterloo-Richmond)

Have done most of this group walk before, lovely autumn day and well designed by group leader. Waterloo – cross river to Tate Britain and look at Turner’s painted view then walk to Richmond to see actual view. Couldn’t do photographic copy due to…

History of the NHS in 8 minutes

Water sanitation update

Scribbled outline today and put under door of my colleague for review (due to everyone being so busy, even 5 min meeting is impossible). Have started reading the Handbook of Water and Health. Will continue to research what is already out there. Had great…

Taekwondo update

Coaching going ok, 1 person each day with possibly few others coming who want to do early mornings. 1 person has done some martial arts before, 1 hasn’t done any.  Nice to be outdoors but weather has been slight rain each day. 

World para taekwondo earlierĀ – all mats

Mat 1 Mat 2 Mat 3

World Parataekwondo live stream

Can’t go to Copperbox but live streaming for rest of the evening at

Animation tools and workshop

Please see updated version with some additional links from one of my AV colleagues and I’ve added in augmented reality (Aurasma) too AnimationTools In the workshop they had a play with PowToon as a starter but it wasn’t too phone friendly – slightly better…

Data visualisation

I have been involved in a few projects over the years. Today I ran a session on online learning with biomedical students and we discussed graphs and visual presentation. This is still a great website for looking at information presentation: This is an…