More cheating in British sport

A member of my family with a scientific background agrees that TUE use is cheating and yet it is is permitted as a mechanism for athletes in certain countries to unfairly compete.
The investigation of doping in British Cycling was buried by the media and the Conservative party of course.
The latest is a BBC Fileonfour investigation into paralympic cheating in classifications – that this was even published speaks volumes. Yet no media coverage, no outrage expressed unless it’s Russian athletes. 
WADA’s ransom note to RUSADA includes a demand that they accept the flawed findings of their flawed investigation. Obviously RUSADA wants athletes back and competing but why should they have to do this. It would be a terrible precedent.
And cheating will continue across British sport regardless but vulnerable young athletes in sport will see that WADA act politically against certain countries and this will only encourage thoseathletes in cheating-safe countries to think they can get away with it.
Rather than actually try their best out of genuine passion & ability for athletic competing which is how they got as far as they have already.

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