Taekwondo update

Still sorting out injuries but getting to class based training & helping as needed about 3 times a month. Still practising patterns most nights except recent start of term hiatus due to work & transport or lack of…

Regaining some height & stability slowly but not at reverse jumping anything yet other than some mid-high-ish reverse side kicks. That is still progress – first time in several years.

Started advertising for attendees in wheelchairs to come along – we still may link up with some ex forces personnel groups.

Hope to start running informal training sessions one early morning a week at work – staff only initially, subject to approval but informally should be ok. I will advertise once and start training at the back of one of the campus grounds once a week until it gets dark. If anyone turns up, I will train them, if not – I will still train. There’s a possibility of floodlights appearing but may not be until 2018.

Apparently tkd army champuonships were in early summer 2017 so nothing really available at the moment but if I do move in next month or so, will be training with an instructor at a different club who knows me a little and refereed my last fight (5+ yrs ago). He has someone in his club who is bit younger than me but still keen on competition fight practice so hopefully will work out.

We didn’t have anyone at nationals this year – we have some potentially really good young fighters coming through but they need more fights before competing there.

May or may not do grading this October, may leave until spring, too much going on. Looking forward to outdoors training though with change of seasons – different kind of awareness – muddier, wetter – good for stability practice. Maybe a bit of this:

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