Why I will not read, share or support people who write for Open Democracy anymore

This is not easy because some nice well intentioned NHS campaigners have written interesting and informative articles about what has been happening to NHS.

But I have to make a stand. 

Every time an article on Open Democracy is written, read and shared, it is helping George Soros campaign fund the far right candidate Navalny in Russia.

For those not familiar with Navalny, he has in the past attended neo nazi rallies and he continues to openly maintain his far right views in the media. At the same time, Open Democracy and others are attemptimto whitewash his views as a little bit racist and clamouring about corruption.

For those not familiar with corruption. Russia is a federation and not as centralised as mainstream media like to portray. I am not defending corruption, oligarchs have existed in the region for centuries – just pointing out that many of the local corruption issues are being used by the Navalny campaign for his personal political purposes.

I am sorry to probably lose friends over this but enough is enough. There are other outlets for media and other sources of funding for non profit activity than having to suit the whims of Wall St billionaires.

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