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To paraphrase my greatgrandfather, our understanding is based on the limitations of our current shared knowledge.
For example – simplified – our understanding of the brain is based on visual (seeing an actual brain from someone’s head), fmri – a computerised visual experience of movement in the brain. So computerised data analysis of data analysis of data analysis of what is described as data.
Assumption – We are using what we describe as human knowledge for finding ways to improve or lengthen what we describe as human experience through experimentation with other species, simulations, computer hardware and what has been described today as machine learning.
There continues to be a romanticised, anthrmorphised view of AI albeit with some limitations described today. Some presenters today believe that what we describe as human is finite and will be replaced by technology.
But there isn’t a learning machine in the sense that scifi portrays machines in the arts, media or a static object plugged into what we call electricity. 
Assumption – We are aware that some software and hardware is in communication with other software and hardware. We believe that as a result of this interaction or with a human, code is being changed. Whether hardware or software is actually doing this or not – either the hardware & software ‘knows’, is guessing & invading to determine / test or none of the above.
Pharma companies and their ancestral creators of snake oil are well aware of how AI is being marketed and the volume of funding across industries and goverments available. For now we have, insidious, unrealistic and dangerous marketing by large tech companies for profit at the expense of the health of humans & the environment. 

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