Environment / health projects in Russian speaking countries

I have no idea if I’ve mentioned this before (on this blog anyway) but I am learning Russian specifically in relation to a small part in possible environmental  & health research / learning projects that may or may not happen in a Russian speaking country with some of it taking place or not taking place in Russia – so very theoretical at this point!

The Foreign Agent legislation and subsequent regulation of NGO activity will take a bit of digging into but any research applications should help tease out the following

  1. If you are an NGO, what benefit are you providing that can’t be completed locally – what is the value of what you bring – different expertise, resources / services that can’t be provided locally within desired timeframes. What will the NGO be investing into the development of something.
  2. If you are a commercial entity – all of the above also applies

I won’t give an opinion about the legislation, it exists and there must be people who understand it and how to operate successfully within it whether working in partnership with Russian organisations, government or some kind of activity taking place in Russia for whatever length of time.

The researchers I may be working with do have a credible reputation within their field and they have been exploring potential work by a well known global international non-profit organisation (not Gates, Soros or anything remotely resembling US philanthropists) for a number of years but never been quite the right time to have discussions as a lot of their research is field based and other commitments.

There are very high level organisations/associations e.g NORDEN, Russian Humanitarian Mission1, NGOs which are supported by the Russian government such as RusFond, or operating out of the UK such as BEARR Trust.

I do expect to be moving forward with this over the next few months, circumstances permitting and will post any useful info that I find out along the way.

  1. Velikaya A (2017), Nation Branding: the case of Russia, RethinkingRussia international analytical center, available at http://rethinkingrussia.ru/en/2017/08/nation-branding-the-case-of-russia/

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