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I’ve started using http://www.inoreader.com
I have several folders into which I have gathered all feeds that I am currently or used to be subscribed to that I find interesting to read. There are also some random extra ones I’ve added. For example in a folder called News, there are about 20 or so different alternative news sites – the kind of ones Google is trying to stop people looking at. I may not recommend them but trialling for a little while just to see.
Other folders are

  • Eco
  • Environment 2 (I can’t make subfolders and this is a general mix of mostly different mainstream media environmental articles)
  • Martial (arts)¬† don’t know if all these people still writing blogs but have finally got back in one folder
  • Russia / Eurasia (which is not a political statement just a Russia and some others folder)
  • Hum / IR / Legal / Other – humanitarian, law/policy and some other stuff
  • Design / Tech / Ed
  • Health
  • NHS (as above re subfolders – more specific to NHS campaigning)

All subscriptions:

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