Month: Aug 2017

Polite (ish) notice – relationships & love affairs

I am about to start some fictional writing with a friend that might well involve a love triangle. For clarity – I am not in one currently so will not be based around my current life. I do not generally talk about relationships and…

Untangling Koryo

Koryo is required for our 2nd Dan grading. Practising in Cornwall with my friend who runs Macaw so we went to find a suitable grassy patch for a dojang and he picked up several errors and some refinements on stances. I showed him some…

Caffeine & sugar update 

Still have the odd caffeinated coffee but have mostly given up and they increasingly taste strange. No further side effects from stopping. Having decaff with a sugar substitute but hope to kick that too (so does my dentist!) Tried decaffeinated tea but have not…

US politicians worth paying attention to: 1. Ajamu Baraka

A work colleague asked me last week who Jill Stein was and I also mentioned Ajamu Baraka. He is consistently delivering spot on analysis of domestic and international issues. Twitter: @ajamubaraka Blog: Institute for Policy Studies:

Planting trees for the right reasons 

Sunflowers on a rainy & sunny summer evening

(grown by my landlady) 

Education and learning technologies research update

This is the list I’m working through – compiled from various sources – can’t remember all but probably incl Tony Bates, NZ Ed leaders, ERIC (some of) , Just found some other comprehensive lists as well today but the below fwiw