lavender final final update

It’s been a really busy weekend, busiest they have had since the project started. We ran out of lavender bread, meringues, biscuits, soap (not edible) which hasn’t happened before.
Earliest visitors on Saturday:
So lovely to see people of all ages coming in, bringing picnics and sitting amongst the flowers and bees. Some children rolling around on the uneven slopes of the field, others really pleased to be allowed to roam around with a pair of little scissors and choose then cut their own lavender.
The scent of cut lavender was wafting around everywhere, people all seemed really relaxed. 
Price guide – this worked this year:

Quite a few people never picked lavender before so we do little demos – depending on what they want to do with it. One girl who had never done before was picking for her wedding next weekend, she loved the scent.
Our volunteers were great, one guy turned up, wrote a sign for a bucket that said field replanting fund (which is correct) and took lots of donations. Another person came to pick lavender but said they wanted to volunteer and jumped in immediately. At one point we had a little queue for the bundle tying (it can take a while to sort and some people want smaller bundles out a large bundle they picked) and having never volunteered, she picked up some string and scissors, went tying bundles along the queue which sped everything up.
Another volunteer was a great guy from LA who was in London for a wedding and saw publicity for the weekend, he also just jumped straight in. Another couple from near South Africa got stuck into the harvesting and they had a huge amount for distilling in no time.
I had a US friend and young daughter from Belgium visit today and she had a grand tour with a bonus lavender distillery special where they distilled and filtered the first oil from today. She really liked Mayfield (who doesn’t) but preferred our field – there’s something about being able to wander in the sun and pick your own that’s different – even in a what is a large shared allotment! 
Found this in the back of one of the sheds which tells the story briefly including great rehabilitation for some local prisoners:

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