Supporting learning tech research at University of Roehampton update

The issue: 
At a Life Sciences away-afternoon we were looking at learning technology assessment research from another university. Staff are enthusiastic about pilots and experiments but they already have challenging teaching and research commitments.
What we’re doing:
I met with our academic lead and deputy head of Life Sciences and proposed development of a research ‘facility’ to make it easy for staff in either Psychology or Life Sciences to start research by easily – in stages (fluid where possible)
1. Finding out who has done what already and what works /doesn’t in different contexts.
2. Easily working out whether this should be run informally or via a research bid either internally / externally.
3. Reviewing a 1 page (e.g. table/matrix/flowchart) to review research design and choice of methods – based on their existing research practices and what they think is relevant from stage 1.
4. Easily delivering the research
5. Easily publishing and disseminating research outputs for peer / public review. 
To do this they need to know learning technology journals, conferences and impact factors. For external bids they will need to know how to deliver stage 5 at stage 2.
Also met with Life Sciences and Psychology research facilitators to gather their input for stage 2 and further discussion soon. Also meeting with additional psychology & social sciences specialists hopefully to look at qualitative research methods for Stage 3 where applicable
Stage 1 – at the moment building a gigantic TOC of multiple learning technology & related journals of articles since 2000. This will not include article direct/deep hyperlinks (journal only) and for now, will be in csv format so staff can either put into their own data analytic tools or search within the csv as needed. This will complement any literature searches they prefer to do through university and external library resources. Provisional deadline end of November.
Meeting with statistics and research methods staff to design Stage 3, provisional deadline end of Aug.
Stage 4 – proposed that we learn from learning technologies experiments this autumn (which are outside of this project) to evolve this stage.
Stage 5 – depending on output of stage 2 and existing university approaches.
I will share the TOC & other outputs with my team and publically then we will see if it does the job or not.

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