Russia #4 Dr Marcus Papadopolous, Icarus film (not related)

This is a really good summary of Russia – US relations by Dr Papadopolous in a presentation to the House of Lords

The Icarus film was at London Sundance recently. I haven’t seen it but it appears on twitter that like with many views on Russia, people see what’s comfortable for them to see so have swallowed it hook, line and sinker.
Based on Imdb description and two reviews (one favourable, one not) it appears that the viewer will be asked to make several assumptions:
1. That the filmmaker  who doesn’t have extensive documentary experience, apparently decided to try and dope himself and apparently decided  Rodchenkov was an ideal person to speak to.
2. That the Russian government was oblivious to his contact with Rodchenkov.
3. That the Russian government was not aware or capable of stopping him helping Rodchenkov leave Russia.
I will see the film probably eventually but as per previous post on documentaries. The camera never lies? 
I am far more sceptical these days especially after so-called White Helmets ‘documentaries’. 
Rodchenkov never lies? 
It’s possible the documentary has some truth but it’s also possible it is telling a story that is not based on fact. 

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