Systema and no techniques

If you have done Japanese or Korean grappling arts then you seem to have an easier time of it in the early days of learning.

Currently Master Worsfold’s words of wisdom hold – “I’ve been learning tai chi and teaching it for over 30 years and I still don’t understand it.”

There are no formal techniques or drills of movements like other martial arts classes, so there isn’t a classical frame of reference but it’s probably something in videos /manuals. Will start afresh in London in September probably.

This fits neatly with the Tao te Ching – tao is nothing, do nothing. And yet it’s not nothing or you will end up on the ground with broken limbs. There are systema principles of relaxation to learn, don’t know how similar to Chi Kung..

It’s a good class, good atmosphere. It’s ok to make an idiot of yourself and the usual black belt fall from grace humility ego wrestling to manage.

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