Lavender final update 

It’s still pretty ‘hairy’ at the end of the field but it’s not as bad as it looks 

Due to the hotter spring, some more lavender than expected will have gone over by 29th but there are new stalks on many bushes and there will be enough harvest for everyone.
They’ve decided that next year because they are losing some of us, they will dig up a smaller area rather than all of the last few rows, replant that area so the weeds everywhere are more manageable. 
If they get lots more volunteers (they had new ones yesterday) then they will bring in a tractor and redo all of top field (Nigel and ‘The Master’s advice last week).
I will be helping with the harvest on morning of 29th and  odd bucket of hand harvesting in early August then will leave to old and new pairs of hands probably. Although a lot of neighbouring gardens and by a local bus route, it’s fairly peaceful most of the time:

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