Family projects over the summer / autumn

There are two projects I may start with my niece and nephew.
One is about online activities and surveillance, it was possibly going to be a book but will probably not happen so something else. 
The other is a multi-language learning ‘something’. As I am going further into more journal articles in my own field, it is becoming more clear that because many articles are English only, there is subtle subjectivity and also less diverse thought.
I hope to find existing or come up with something that gives my niece and nephew knowledge of Cyrillic, Chinese, Indian, Arabic, Turkish alphabet / scripts / families and some basics in Russian, Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic. 
Turkish will deal with as and when, they already know some British sign language,  Spanish and French so hope to combine. Not sure what else and they have busy lives already so it needs to be a) fun  b) relevant to their context and c) bite size.
Mix of multimedia too. And edible or at the beach etc

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