Memory notes – yeah whatever (!)

The previously blogged videos about narrative and memory are for reference for the artificial intelligence in education project we are working on and where memory fits in. I don’t personally agree with the thoughts of the people that I am working with (not because I know better) that’s not especially relevant to this project or how I will work on it as my involvement will be very limited.

It’s a useful project to do and this blog is a useful scrapbook to put videos and notes in for now. There are many scientists doing brilliant work and there are also pseudoscientists working on projects in this area. It doesn’t make it right or wrong to do a project now, it can find a place.

Most of the writing about memory goes back to ‘Greek civilisation’ because that is the one which has the most recorded notes of thoughts / history including an idea of externalised memory & mind.

Narratives and fictionalisation of ideas are dynamic. Is it as simple as internal / external or irrational / rational choices or both? The idea of two opposing forces is common in different civilisations but doesn’t mean that that it is the best reference for thinking about anything. Nor that multiple interconnected complex forces or systems are a better way of referencing thinking.If people want to they will.

I don’t believe in globally connected minds and brains. I don’t believe that its important to connect to anything especially using ‘technology’ and I don’t believe in revolutionised anything. If people want to shout about revolutionising things because it sounds better than change, they will. Change itself is just a term which has been used over and over again but just because it’s in ancient writing, pictures, or anything else – they are just representations of ideas which have found some common ground with some people.

People ignore history and recordings of ideas in history so making records using some form of writing, audio or other form of technology in case we forget is some kind of memory insurance that hopefully won’t appeal to everyone not matter how loudly some people shout.

As long as the honest scientists and honest scholars in other disciplines care about the ideas in their disciplines and carry on their investigations honestly there is always hope of new forms of understanding.

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