Outraged about treatment of Russians 1 year on

It’s about a year since I first became aware of the flawed WADA investigation and the appalling political gestures in Russia’s direction.

I tried to set up a citizens commission and was ignored by virtually everyone. It was however worthwhile consolidating info in one place even if discussion was pretty non existent. Even if you mentioned Russia on twitter it suddenly became about Putin and not about any other Russians or Russia.

I have nearly daily searched for info about Russia on twitter to try and present a balanced point of view (I have been on twitter most of last 10 yrs).  If you search for any topic and the word Russia (in English) it is endless streams of anti-Russia crap with a single relevant tweet if you’re lucky in one week.

Polbots from Oxford are making much about Trump bots in particular but it’s a narrow picture they are drawing. 

From an expert who has previously worked with WADA, they are continuing to talk amongst themselves and listen to no one who challenges a US/UK led approach. 

I’ve barely put a toe through the door of Russia in all senses, but it overall is positive, I’ve only been called a Russian spy a couple of times (must try harder sssshhh) and finally another friend is also daring to express opinions which are outside Western mainstream social and traditional media. 

Starting to read half of some tweets in Russian now but nowhere near understanding how things are viewed differently but it will come.

I didn’t expect Russia and Russians to be more beautiful than I imagined/little I previously knew (expected as…) 

And that makes the last year worth it

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