Cold / Russia acclimatisation

Also useful for a potential visit to some Korean mountains – and anywhere else that cold for that matter!

I’m taking part in a research trial at the moment, part of which involves being seated for 30 mins at approx -3 degrees celsius. Obviously that wouldn’t be sufficient for Siberian (or St Petersburg non-summer) temperatures but it is useful to understand reactions ! It’s a long way down the temperature scale from Turkish summers (or winters) albeit approx 20 years ago and I have been in minus temperatures there too. If I had kids and spent winters standing at football / rugby pitches that would probably be closer to average Russian temperatures with the wind chill etc but got to start somewhere. And it’s useful to researcher hopefully !

Off to systema for first time tonight with an instructor who has also done taekwondo, should be interesting ! Won’t be blogging about the sessions unless something particularly of note – having spent several years blogging taekwondo sessions as a new martial artist, don’t need to repeat in same way.




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