Research bid writing

Attended a research away afternoon yesterday which was really helpful in clarifying what is required (and how to reduce the waffle I have written in current draft bid) 

There’s the general good writing advice to make it succinct and readable – is a 14 yr old interested based on whatever you’ve written, can a family member understand it etc

Don’t just write for academic, submit articles to professional journals.

Impact – what are the world’s most important questions and can you show how you changed the world. Does your evaluation demonstrate evidence for outcomes / causal inferences.

The gold standard is being referenced by policy makers as well as public – have we changed the way we think about X.

Check funding panels, they may not even read yours if have 80 others, the best bids get funded not necessarily the best research.

We don’t know if we will be successful in our bid which currently includes only one sub project of a possible larger bid, but it’s currently a joint multidisciplinary effort. 

As we expand to others we will learn further whether we can trust them or not (as many others have walked those paths). 

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