Month: Jun 2017

Memory notes – yeah whatever (!)

The previously blogged videos about narrative and memory are for reference for the artificial intelligence in education project we are working on and where memory fits in. I don’t personally agree with the thoughts of the people that I am working with (not because…

Leaving social media again for a bit

Will carry on this blog for now. Ending with this which was only RT’d around 8k times, it should be far more tomLDNcop: A colleague of mine died protecting them and just a few months later they cheer at not recruiting and continued real…

Literature and Memory 2

Also the Unconscious Memory Network

Literature and Memory

Talks held at Roehampton, 2014

AI in Education Research – updated diagram etc

Most of these are articles from International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education. They did a review of their journal, the majority of articles were about Intelligent Tutoring Systems or Interactive Learning Environments. The terminology has changed especially in 2000s from knowledge to learning….

AI in education research diagram

Not sure this will make sense to anyone else. Temporarily unable to fit references in (It’s A3-ish / 3000+ pixel width) but for v0.1 Full size

Weekly design links

Used to do a design digest on previous blog, going to resurrect – links or photos I found interesting: Design Milk: DIY pinball machine kit with plants: Designing for small spaces: Pangea maps – wooden 3D contours of iconic waterscapes: Others:…