Wheelchairs tkd 3

Final one for now. It was just Master Worsfold and myself so we concentrated on self defence.

I tried poomsae 1-8 earlier and he is thinking about the senior dan poomsae where there are movements that could be changed.

Blocks and strikes are more effective when attacked, especially from front (open-open) and side, although Master Worsfold did a very successful wrist twist/grab against an attempted neck grab and followed up with punch which sent me flying backwards with some force. The wheelchair can also be effective with front blocks because the attack met by a block sends the wheelchair backwards (glide away rather than run away!) 

He also managed a successful combination of grab, strike & take down. I tried to grab his legs as if to pull him from the chair whilst on the ground and he simply & effectively ran me over with front wheels!

There’s lots more to think about. Hope to follow up once we have done some decent photos/video.

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