David Harsent & Richmond Park

I had the privilege to briefly chat with David again today. He is a warm, talented man who is interesting to talk with. 

He nearly ended up briefly in St Petersburg for a TV series back in the days when BBC had more money & used more external locations.

There seems to be a common mindset around Russia from BBC writers, journalists, a fascination and expectation with stereotypes which when they don’t quite match, they don’t find it easy to define. He said a comment about what we think about politicians and then you visit countries and find all kinds of artistic expression bubbling under the surface. I would like to have pushed further on this but he has piles of marking to complete – bringing up the next lucky generation.

He mentioned there is an Ian Drury bench in Richmond Park where you can sit and listen to Ian Drury songs 

It probably doesn’t feature in this but as an aside, a beautiful film to watch at end of long week which I’m off to watch:

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