#Russian Art – mosaics

The Hermitage has days & years worth of art collections available for viewing. After reading a little about Russian artistic development, it was great to see some Russian art represented with mosaics.

Mr Beavington-Atkinson in his 1873 “An Art Tour to Russia” 1 said that “the mosaics too are directly national, if not always in design, at any rate in execution…mosaic – the art for eternity – cannot be carried out in a hurry” (pp140-1) and he talks about the Imperial Manufactory of Mosaics and mosaic development in all of Chapter 7.

These two were opposite / near the gardens on first floor, very intricate and beautifully presented with miniature pieces:

1. http://www.worldcat.org/title/art-tour-to-russia/oclc/14228648

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