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It’s raining inside and outside today.
Several projects to finish, start then finish, then if all goes to plan, visit Russia again later this year. 
Might be a bit of a stretch to read Kafka in Russian before next visit but I have bought a book and who knows.
Btw, my travel companion who is a big theatregoer and also does amateur dramatics incl Chekhov said the theatre was “utterly amazing, they were almost balletic and delivered their performance in a way that puts the English theatre to shame”.
I’m not a fan of this particular author so will probably not read but the title resonates with several of us.
I’m not ruling out spending part of year in another country on a regular basis before a total move, so will continue to seriously investigate options, albeit with technology snoopers & connectivist ‘recommendations’ for how I should be living my life.

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